48 stunning wallpapers for the most anticipated PS4 and Xbox One games

By IGC on Oct 28th, 2013
The 8th console generation is almost here, and to keep up with the hype of the upcoming PS4 and Xbox One releases we are giving you 48 stunning wallpapers from their most anticipated games. From Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, we will list 12 of the most anticipated games being released in the upcoming months, along with the best wallpapers for each.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - visit gallery
After reliving the memories of Altair, Ezio and Connor, the player takes control of Edward Kenway, a fearless pirate, on the 6th game of the highly acclaimed Assassin's Creed franchise.
tVGG_6446.jpgtVGG_3115.jpgtVGG_7878.jpg tVGG_3662.jpgtVGG_7755.jpgtVGG_9894.jpg

Destiny - visit gallery
Bungie tries to capture lightning in a bottle again after the unquestionable success of the Halo franchise; Can they revolutionize the shooter genre a second time?
tVGG_9910.jpgtVGG_9949.jpgtVGG_9939.jpg tVGG_9942.jpgtVGG_9945.jpgtVGG_9937.jpg

Division, The - visit gallery
Squad based play with drop in multiplayer will try to keep things entertaining for a long time on the latest game of the Tom Clancy's franchise.
tVGG_6698.jpg tVGG_9955.jpg

Driveclub - visit gallery
Social networking while driving is not a good idea, unless you are talking about DRIVECLUB. Group races, events and chases take center stage to make sure you are never driving solo.
tVGG_9886.jpg tVGG_9885.jpg

Forza 5 - visit gallery
The next installment in the Forza franchise takes the leap directly to Xbox One, trying to take advantage of the extra power of the new hardware.
tVGG_5140.jpgtVGG_5135.jpg tVGG_5131.jpgtVGG_9954.jpg

Second Son - visit gallery
The third game of the inFAMOUS franchise is visually stunning, but a question remains, will you use the Powers you are given in Second Son for good or evil?
tVGG_9951.jpgtVGG_5884.jpg tVGG_9953.jpgtVGG_9952.jpg

Killzone: Shadow Fall - visit gallery
Arguably the best looking game in the 8th generation launch line up, the latest entry in the Killzone franchise has a lot of potential and a lot to prove.
tVGG_3052.jpgtVGG_9957.jpg tVGG_9956.jpgtVGG_7754.jpg

Ryse: Son of Rome - visit gallery
After a rocky start, Ryse keeps looking better every time new gameplay is shown. Hopefully it can overcome those issues and impress with solid gameplay and riveting visuals.
tVGG_9115.jpg tVGG_9112.jpg

Thief - visit gallery
After 10 years in the shadows, Eidos is bringing back the Thief franchise as Garret tries to provide stealth gameplay greatness.
tVGG_3054.jpgtVGG_9363.jpg tVGG_8606.jpgtVGG_2383.jpg

Titanfall - visit gallery
Respawn might be taking a big chance not including a single player campaign; However, the promise of perfectly balanced multiplayer, jetpacks and big armored suits could keep players coming back for years to come.
tVGG_9901.jpgtVGG_9900.jpg tVGG_9950.jpgtVGG_6385.jpg

Watch Dogs - visit gallery
In a city where everything is online and interconnected, Aiden Pierce is looking for justice using technology as his main weapon.
tVGG_2516.jpgtVGG_3656.jpgtVGG_6555.jpg tVGG_6448.jpgtVGG_2972.jpgtVGG_7124.jpg

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, The - visit gallery
The last episode of the Geralt of Rivia trilogy aims to take full advantage of the 8th generation of consoles with a vast open world and non linear story.
tVGG_9066.jpgtVGG_3217.jpg tVGG_9067.jpgtVGG_9904.jpg

Let us know in the comments which is your favorite, or if we completely left out any of your favorite upcoming games. Of course, do not forget to check out our complete gallery for more great wallpapers and artwork from your favorite games.